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AVTOBUS.BG is the biggest website for reservation of vehicles for your business trips, holidays, daily transfers to an airport.
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Transportation types
Airport - Hotel

One way transport of a group of people from the airport to a hotel

Hotel - Airport

One way transport of a group of people from a hotel to the airport


Transportation of a group of passengers on a decided by the group route and stops

Rent per day

Renting a bus in a city or village for 9 /nine/ hours and up to 100 /one hundred/ km.

Door - to - Door Transfer

One way transport of a group of people from address to address

How to strart ?

Bus reservation is easy and quickly. Just follow these 3 steps.

Choose a service

Please, select from where to where you want to go.

Choose a bus

Choose the bus closest to your location.

Make a reservation

Enjoy your trip with us.

Bus platform

Avtobus.BG: A place where there are only real buses and real offers with a price!
  • In the bus platform you as a Carrier can add / upload your buses and present them to a wide audience!
  • In the bus platform you as a User - individuals or tour operator / travel agent can calculate any route
    for your trip, to plan transport for your events, as well as transfers for your guests!
  • In the bus platform you as a Carrier will be able to automatically compile a schedule for your buses,
    directly in Google calendar, divided by types: transfers, excursions, rent per day, door-to-door transfers!
  • In the bus platform you as a Carrier, User - individuals or as a tour operator / travel agent can book a bus
    for you or your customers!
  • In the bus platform Everyone can follow their reservations and their schedule!
  • In the bus platform Everyone can connect with many licensed bus carriers!

Some of the buses available on the platform

Buses are shown at random

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

CO 8851 BM

Bus seats: 19 Max baggages: 19 Bus year: 2015 Sofia,Sofia City Province,Bulgaria

Мерцедес Виано


Bus seats: 7 Max baggages: 7 Bus year: 2014 София,Област София,България

Сетра С 416


Bus seats: 56 Max baggages: 56 Bus year: 2008 Бургас,Бургас,България

Opel Vivari


Bus seats: 8 Max baggages: 8 Bus year: 2011 Burgas,Burgas,Bulgaria

Сетра С 315


Bus seats: 49 Max baggages: 49 Bus year: 2006 Бургас,Бургас,България



Bus seats: 58 Max baggages: 57 Bus year: 2008 Добрич,Добрич,България

Мерцедес Спринтер 515Cdi


Bus seats: 20 Max baggages: 2 Bus year: 2010 Пловдив,Пловдив,България



Bus seats: 14 Max baggages: 6 Bus year: 2002 Плевен,Плевен,България
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